How to Contour and Highlight : Tailored for Asian features

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I get a lot of questions about how I highlight and contour and the products I use, so here is a video Tutorial! 

Now this video is more tailored for Asian features... because DUH! I'm like kinda Asian? LOL Anyways, contour and highlighting I have to say is a learning process, you need to really experiment based on your face shape and what works best for you. When I started I did it all wrong! I brought my contour too far down and wasn't highlighting correctly... but as time went on I found where on my face it look right and I think I finally got it down !  

Make sure to experiment with your contour and highlight , as the "general rule" might not apply for everyone. I suggest taking a flash picture after you contour and highlight so you can see how the light is being reflected and absorbed by your technique. After all what highlighting and contouring does is reflect light in the highest points in your face and absorb light in other places to created shadows that help shape your face.

Anyways... I hope you guys enjoy! Here are the links to the products I used in the video :) 

Products used:
City Color Contour Effects Palette 
Mac Prep & Prime - Highlighting Rose 
Hard Candy Bronzer "Tiki" 

Brushes Used:
Elf blush brush + complexion brush
BH Cosmetics Blending brush
Sigma F50 Duo Fibre