10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Change Your Life

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Life is a funny thing, it’s the most overlooked precious thing we will ever get for free and yet we don’t take the time to make the most of it and ourselves. 

I myself am guilty of this, we all are and that's why we live and we learn and I find myself, as I get older especially, I’m in this vast search  everyday for ways that I can improve myself. 
It’s not an easy thing, and I want to emphasize that it is a continuous effort, there is no checklist to miracle, this is a lifestyle change and a mental and personal change. 

But at least if you have the conscious desire to want to improve yourself, that is all it takes and that is the biggest first step. 

And it can be overwhelming, but I want to share with you 10 things that we can be doing today to better our lives, to better ourselves  and live the fullest of our potential.  
You don’t have to do all of these at once, you just need to make a conscious effort everyday to execute at least a few of these and stay consistent and push through, 

And it’s always better when you have a little support, so I created a FB group so that we can empower each other and share each other’s journeys, goals and to support each other, a place where we can just brain dump our struggles.  So if you want to join the group, I will leave the link below I would really love to see you there. 

Taking yourself outside of your comfort zone is not only challenging yourself, but it’s also a trigger to yourself that you are capable of doing anything. 

This could be anything, from facing a fear, confronting an issue hands on, speaking your mind if you are not used to being vocal, or going on a trip to a country that you have never seen. 
Do something that you have never done before. 
This will get you a new experience and a new perspective that will broaden your mind, your soul and yourself. 

Okay, now everyone says being grateful is important to attracting positivity into your life and that is true. 
But being grateful also gives your appreciation for what you have and it makes you act upon grace and humility to give, which changes your whole mindset on how to live your life serving others. Daily gratitude helps you realize that you could be worse off without the things you have and with appreciation of what you do , you start treating others better, yourself better and making better choices that will have a positive impact in your life. That is why gratitude is life changing. 
And if you want to try a different technique for gratitude, try visualizing not what you are grateful for, but think about how you would feel or how different your life would be without the little or big things and people that you have in your life. I bet that is certainly to leave an impression. 

Have you ever been around someone that always blames other people for their mistakes and never takes responsibility for their actions ? 
Well truth is, we are all a little bit like that person and we all have that person inside of us. Whether outwardly forward denying ownership of our own actions or subconsciously blaming others for our failures and mistakes, we all do it at some point. 
Taking ownership is the essential action to acceptance and forgiveness that leads to a clear path of no emotional or self loathing pile of pity. Own up to your mistake, fix them , learn from them. Move on to better things. 

No , no I am not comparing you to a loaf of bread, because unlike bread, we humans tend to get better with age, or at least that is what I keep telling myself as I get older :) 

Now, what do I mean by don’t get stale? Don’t get comfortable! 
Not talking about trading a comfy pillow for a rock, but I mean in your relationships, job, goals, career, mentality, education…. 
Don’t get comfortable with what you know, who you are and what goals you set out to accomplish, because the minute you decided to get comfortable, that’s the exact minute you stopped the flow of growth and bigger successes in your life. 
So keep learning something new about your passion, your craft, take on something more challenging at work, push yourself a little harder with your workouts, and give a little more love to others and yourself. 

And with this, I want to leave you with a quote to ponder…  “There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”
― Nelson Mandela


It all starts with your mindset and your thoughts. A lot of times we self sabotage ourselves with what we are thinking and the things we tell ourselves in our heads, that quite frankly most time is a fabrication of our insecurities. I do this ALL the time, I am not perfect, and actually I used to be the most negative person I knew, on the outside i was always happy and cheering other people on, but on the inside, I was putting myself down and gave myself no worth. And the more negative thought you have, the more negative people, and things you attract to yourself and your life. 

And one day I realized that and I decided to change it, I literally spoke to myself in 3rd person and said “YanYi WTF , why are you so mean to me, why are you saying all these negative things about me… this stops right now” and it probably sounds crazy to you, but that was the catalyst that made me want to change the way i treat myself. So every time I have a negative thought about anything, my life, myself, something or someone that is annoying me, I got ahead and replace that with 3 positive things I am grateful and this totally shifts my mindset, and it helps even more if you write them down.

again guilty here. I don't know about you, most times I am a calculated risk taker… what does that mean? Well that I dont mind taking risk as long as  I have analyzed every single circumstance, outcome and basically taken out all of the risk involved, because of course I don’t want to fail. Now of course this applies to my bigger aspirations in life, my goals, NOT what am I going to have for lunch or what am going to wear to the movies tonight. 

Yeah, let that sink in for a moment. 
Why? Because without failure you will never learn anything, without failure you will never grow, without failure you will never know what not to do to succeed. I hate to fail as much as anyone else, but I have come to realize and appreciate failure because I have become so much stronger because of it, failure is a teacher and failure is only a re direction to success. 

 And again , back to the self sabotage we were just talking about, everytime we set a goal or a project that we want to do but we dont know how to do it , we start this internal panic and dialoge with ourselves about how much we wont be able to do it and how we are just incapable and going to fail. 

This is one of the most powerful actions you can take to change your life and how you see yourself through the lens of your own world. 
When you visualize yourself having the things or being the person you want to be to, or accomplishing a goal that you have, this creates a shift in your energy and an attraction to that vision you have. Now I can go on and on about visualization...
But visualization creates an energetic and positive attraction, or a negative one to the things that you visualize yourself having or being. 
Have ever woken up in the morning in a bad mood and just kinda in your head unintentionally start thinking about all the things that are bad about your day and how everything is just going to go wrong and then your whole day turns to shit? Well that’s negative visualization for you, you create that negative attraction to your day and you attracted everything to go wrong. 

Now, if we are instead visualizing a positive or  successful day , week, month , life and see ourselves living happy, accomplished, productive, you will see that that is how your days are going to start happening. 

Start visualizing yourself in a positive light, maybe it’s accomplishing a goal or acchieving a certain milestone or success in your life. You want to visualize yourself having already accomplished it and while you are visualizing, focus on the feeling how amazing it feels to be in the place of contentment and success.  Visualizing is not enough, you have to generate positive energy by feeling yourself being in the place , this enhances by your vibrations and it sends it off to the universe as an order and trust, put your goals into action and the universe and God will show up with all the resources to help you. 

The Law of Attraction is real. Today I wanted to get a little personal with you guys and share with you my story on how I made my dreams, my goals, wildest imagination, come true! Honestly God and the Universe has been beyond generous with me and I am so grateful to have had all the amazing opportunities show up in my life.

Now with all of the above personal internal things you can do, now we need to externalize it. 
So an important key to changing your life is having a vision that you are going to want to achieve towards and that all consist of goals that you want to accomplish, lifestyle you want to live, people you want to be surrounded by, anything you want really. 

And to kind of echo on what we talked about in #3 of having a vision, creating a vision board helps you visualize this everyday. 
And a vision board is basically a board filled with visual inspiration of anything and everything that inspires and motivates you. 

There’s many ways you can create a vision board, you can do it on your phone, on the computer, by hand with magazine cut out or printing out pictures and putting it on a cardboard on your wall. Many many ways. 

I am actually try to get my vision board set up myself, so if you guys want me to film me creating my vision board, then give this video a thumbs up and let me know in the comments. 

But essentially the goal is to create a board that visually reminds everyday of things and goals to inspire you. 

One of the biggest reasons most people are angry or live negatively is because of their inability of being able to let go. Now Think about this… 
For example. In a relationship , if your bf or gf did something to piss you off and you hold on to that for a really long time, don’t you notice that you start creating anger and resentment towards that person and then that negative feeling starts to seep into your everyday and then everyday you’re experience a moment of anger because you could not let go of that thing that go you so upset!
Now, have you ever asked yourself, what if i were to look back a week from now and count all the time I spent angry or resenting something or someone, that is time I took away from yourself from being happy, productive and joyful . If you take that into consideration in the aspect of a lifetime, how much time would have been? 
When time goes, it goes. There’s no getting back time. So chose wisely how to chose to spend it. 

So Let go of anger, regret, people and any past memories that don’t serve you well. 
Thank that negative experience for teaching you a lesson and then let go. 
Now this is not easy and this takes a lot of strength and willpower, but if you have an intent you could do anything. There is a book that really helped me with finding that inner strength and guidance and it’s the Seat of the Soul which i will link it below for you, but it is an amazing and insightful book that I highly recommend you read for self development. 

Alright, because I love you and I want to give you more… i got one more tip for you. 
Because more is more :) 


My last tip for you is to learn to love and accept yourself for who you are. 
This is probably one of the hardest parts of life and growing. It takes time and courage to build up the confidence to love yourself enough that you put yourself first and stop comparing yourself to others, or live someone else’s dream. 

I was a total victim of this, I used to always compare myself to other people and I always felt like I was never good enough, pretty enough, outgoing enough. And i think it wasn’t until my early- mid 20s when I started this self growth journey that, I don’t need anyone’s approval, nor do I need to please anyone but myself. At the end of the day all you really have is yourself, your will and faith to keep you going. 

With love and positive vibes,